You Don’t Have to Worry About Tooth Worms

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There are a number of hazards to your dental health, but thankfully tooth worms are not one of them. What are tooth worms? Well, no one has ever seen one, but the ancient Babylonians thought they were the cause of toothaches. Rest assured, our dentist, Dr. Samuel D. Knight won’t be looking for tooth worms during your next visit! One of the earliest known dentists was an ancient Egyptian named Hesy-Re. He probably had a number of powder and ointments used to cure oral health problems, and could even fill cavities and make bridges. Ancient people also practiced orthodontics. Some dentists used to tie teeth together, and in Greece, people were advised to straighten their teeth by pushing on them with their fingers.

The Mayans were among the first to decorate their teeth. Rich and powerful people had holes drilled in their teeth and gems were inserted. The ancient Egyptians wore amulets to ward off toothaches, and a cure in ancient Greece was to find a frog on a moonlit night and ask it to take away the pain. The Roman scientist Celsus is well known for suggesting that people rinse their mouths out with water every morning.

If you are ready to enjoy better dental health and you don’t want to take the time to find a frog, or pick out new jewelry, we can take care of you at Samuel D. Knight, DDS! We have the latest technologies and techniques at our office, and we can make sure you come away with a happy, healthy smile! If you live in the Farr West, Utah, area make an appointment to come see us by calling 801-731-3200.