Wisdom Teeth Removal is Vital for a Better Smile

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You can have peace of mind when it comes to removing your wisdom teeth with the advanced technology we offer here in our dental clinic. With updated knowledge and machinery, removal of your third molars are easier than ever! Dr. Samuel D. Knight and our dental associates want to help you get the dental care you need so you have a comfortable smile for years to come.

Decay, spacing issues, susceptibility to infections, or damage to neighboring teeth are some of the problems you may face when your wisdom teeth are not removed. Another issue your dentist may find are when your wisdom teeth are stuck underneath your gums or jaw, also known as impacted wisdom teeth.

Attending your biannual checkups with your dentist can help preserve your smile. This is so they can check for signs of wisdom teeth coming through the gums and any signs of damage that need to be monitored. This includes a close look at incorrect positions where food and bacteria can become stuck, possible cysts that can damage the roots or bone, and trouble flossing between molars and wisdom teeth.

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