What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

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Have you ever wanted to enhance your smile due to a missing tooth or two? Achieve the complete smile you want with dental implants. If you do not replace missing teeth, the spaces left behind can create havens for harmful bacteria to fester. Furthermore, your gums can loosen, causing your other teeth to move out of alignment. Missing or loose teeth can weaken your jawbone

Replacing the empty space with a dental implant is not only important for your other teeth, but for your jawbone too. With implants, your jawbone can undergo a process called osseointegration, which causes your jawbone to grow around the implant, resulting in a tighter grip and making it a part of your natural smile.

One of the most popular aspects of implants is their functionality. If you suffer from tooth loss, your eating, chewing and speaking habits can be disturbed. With dental implants, you can restore those functions. Dentures tend to move around in your mouth and are not always effective when eating tough foods like steak or apples; whereas dental implants will not shift as you bite or chew.

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