Bridge the Gap in Your Teeth with a Dental Bridge

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Restore your smile with the installment of a new dental bridge. This safe implant can reestablish your speaking and chewing capabilities by filling in a void in your smile. After taking the first step of visiting your dentist, they will take care of you by fixing your smile after determining which artificial replacement is best for you!

A cantilever (an artificial tooth connected to one crown placed on a surrounding tooth), a traditional bridge (crowns placed on surrounding teeth connected to the artificial tooth), or a Maryland bridge (an artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth) are the different options available when replacing your missing tooth’s space.

For the dental bridge procedure to happen, measurements will first be sent to a dental factory. There, they will make your new bridge and then send it to your dentist’s office. You will then have it installed when you meet with your dentist again. Our office will arrange a checkup meeting to ensure your new bridge fits comfortably.

If you are missing any teeth, dental bridges are one of the best options to fill that space in your mouth. Here at Samuel D. Knight, DDS, we want you to visit our office in Farr West, Utah, right away if you are experiencing a high amount of pain due to missing teeth or any dental pain. Call 801-731-3200 to schedule time to meet with Dr. Samuel D. Knight and our dental team. Let us give you your best smile yet!